Our customised ESG advisory services

Inbound can help improve the communication of the most material challenges facing your business today

Governance evaluation

Sustainability practices evaluation

ESG rating analysis

Board & management advice (on areas to improve)

IR action plan


‘ESG is simply good risk management’: meeting the expectations of stakeholders and regulatory requirements
  • Investors and all your stakeholders want to know how management is dealing with risks and opportunities faced by their business.
  • They want to understand how you have incorporated Environmental and Social considerations in your strategy to ensure sustainable success: how do you treat your workforce, your clients and suppliers, your shareholders, the communities and environment that surround you.
  • They expect to see a governance structure that promotes effective decision-making, accountability and transparency, driving innovation, financial resilience and wealth creation.
  • Inbound can help you demonstrate that you have identified the most material issues impacting your business, and that you have the processes in place to mitigate the risks and ensure sustainable success.

Inbound Capital is here to help you:
  • ‘Decipher’ your ESG rating and understand the concerns of your shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • Analyse your current practices regarding environmental and societal issues and demonstrate your achievements in these complex topics.
  • Improve the perception of your corporate governance practices by investors and other stakeholders in terms of leadership and decision-making process.
  • Demonstrate the resilience of your business to address the challenges to sustainable value creation
  • A customised approach to understand your situation in the context of your sector and peer group

Inbound Capital accompanies you in the journey to redefine your business model through the ESG lens, building trust and giving access to new investors.

Chrysoula Zervoudakis

Independent consultant, advising companies on strategic governance, equity story and Sustainability practices

30+ years constructively challenging companies as financial analyst and institutional investor with an ESG focus at AXA IM and INVESCO