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The Educationist - Say "Cheers!": Mobile Photo Printing

June 17, 2020


The Mobile Photo printing market is the latest evolutionary phase of the near 200-year-old Photography market. The global market size is close to $20 billion and continues to grow fast at more than 10% annually. Technology changes keep the sector busy, evolving with consumer trends and new functionalities such as AI. The pandemic has only accelerated these trends. Despite consolidation over the last 5 years, acquisition opportunities abound while leaving plenty of room for digital upstarts.

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Digital opportunities in Packaging

March 24, 2022

« Think out of the box… »

Ranging from artworks to cosmetics, product traceability has become an increasingly global, complex and pressing issue. Technology has come to the rescue, giving packaging a key role to play there. In doing so, digital solutions are as much disrupting the sector as opening new opportunities for it. Start-ups like kaiosID ( are strongly positioned in a fragmenter space bound to consolidate. Digital Opportunities in Packaging – Inbound’s latest investors’ digest – is “Everything you wanted to know about Smart Packaging (but were afraid to ask)”. Have a good read!

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White Paper: Internet of Things for IdiOTs

September 4, 2020

« Everything you always wanted to know about IoT (but were afraid to ask) »

Inbound Capital’s White Paper is casting some light on the much talked-about Internet of Things (IoT) sector and its little known ESG potential.

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Small Caps Focus: Digital Photo Printing Leaders in Perspective: CLARANOVA (CLA FP) vs. CEWE (CWC GR)

July 22, 2020

« Inbound Capital’s Small Caps Focus Note puts in perspective the main listed digital photo printing leaders Claranova (CLA FP) – for which Inbound acts as outsourced IR – and Cewe (CWC GR). »

This note includes the main findings of our Mini-Investor Perception Survey in Germany showing there is ample room for CLA to get further investor recognition for its merits as a growth stock.

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White Paper: Art's inevitable leap forward (and why digital investors should care)

June 17, 2020

« Inbound Capital focuses on a vital but little-known sector: the art market and the growing impact of digital »

Online sales and digital activity have arguably been a saving grace for the sector particularly hit in its traditional form by Covid-19. The pandemic in turn has dramatically accelerated its digitalisation, bringing revolutionary changes like increased price transparency.

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Rescuing Start-Ups... Shall we?

May 9, 2020

« Inbound Capital examines whether all startups should be saved, if government support across Europe is effective… »

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Why Coronavirus mitigation Apps will not impact the spread

April 25 (updated June 4), 2020

« Inbound Capital’s take on the much talked about Corona virus-related apps and their limitations.« 

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